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Benaiah Digital has a blend of investment strategies within the cryptocurrency market that are managed daily and will adjust with the everchanging market trends. The goal of this fund is to provide investors a diversified exposure to blockchain technology, digital assets, and a number of investment strategies that yield risk adjusted returns above the traditional benchmarks.


Benaiah Digital Fixed Income provides investors a more simplistic and secure investment opportunity. Fixed Income capitalizes on the liquidity needs within the cryptocurrency industry using collateralized lending strategies. This fund is for individuals and institutions who require a principal protection, access to their capital, while seeking greater returns than a money marketing account, or CD.

Liquidity: One Year Lock-up Period

Assets: Stablecoins, Early Stage Tokens, Large Cap Assets

Exposure to investment strategies within the digital asset market that are actively managed and adjusted based on identified market trends



Liquidity: No Lock-up Period

Assets: Stablecoins, Tokens

Actively managed exposure to yield generation lending and hedged staking strategies within the digital asset markets

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