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Our Story


Benaiah Co. was born out of our founder’s passion for excellence, entrepreneurial skillset and consistent drive to solve new problems. As a visionary, Ben saw an opportunity in the insurance industry to create a solution that doesn’t just work through independent agencies but was built to serve them—a stark contrast from any other insurance partner. He reimagined a relationship that had grown stale from decades of impersonal decision making through the creation of Benaiah Management.

Through Benaiah Management, it became clear that technology was going to be a critical consideration when innovating inside the insurance industry. We began to examine potential points of customer accessibility and convenience that could be enhanced through innovation.


And most recently, as the conversations around digital assets were escalating in the fall of 2020, it eventually reached our front door. Shareholders and network connections with more traditional investing experience were looking for a safe, simple, and easy way to learn more about the opportunities in digital assets and provide them world-class investment solutions.

Through Ben’s leadership, vision and organization, Benaiah Capital was formed. To bring the business concept together, he partnered with Joshua DeWitt, a co-founder of CoinLion digital asset exchange in Sioux Falls, SD. Josh brings years of experience and expertise to the table, and his mission is to democratize and demystify the arena of cryptocurrency for traditional investors to experience the power and freedom of decentralized finance— making him a perfect candidate to partner with Benaiah Capital.

Guided by our values, we hold ourselves accountable to this story and vision.

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