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Our Team


Our purpose is to provide investors the opportunity to diversify their investment portfolio into the digital asset market. 


We are focused exclusively on digital assets and emerging blockchain technology. Our management team is made up of cross-disciplinary experts in cryptocurrency, hedge-fund management, client relations, risk management, and security.

photo of joshua dewitt

Joshua DeWitt

Chief Investment Officer, M.S.A.P.M.


Josh DeWitt possesses a deep knowledge of digital currencies and emerging financial technologies with a strong technical understanding of the technologies surrounding blockchain and digital currency, both from a hardware and software perspective. He is an expert in portfolio management and construction and holds a Master's of Financial Analysis Portfolio Management from Creighton University. Josh has over 10 years of experience in the financial industry with a history of trading various financial instruments including debt, equities, derivatives, FX, digital assets and more. He has a deep understanding of complex financial instruments, allowing him to see opportunity and understand the mathematical relationships at work within the digital currency markets.

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photo of ben wiener

Ben Wiener



Benjamin Wiener is the CEO of Benaiah Co. and Chairman of the Board for Benaiah Holdings, Inc., a family of FinTech companies. Ben has over ten years of demonstrated success leading multiple businesses with a focus on efficiency, growth, and revenue generation. Ben’s studies in economics and finance along with his entrepreneurial skillset and value-focused mindset position him well to lead Benaiah Capital. Ben resides in Sioux Falls, SD and oversees the management of Benaiah Digital, LP and Benaiah Digital Fixed Income, LP.

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photo of chris hmielewski

Chris Hmielewski

Chief of Staff/Investor Relations


Chris Hmielewski is the Chief of Staff and Head of Investor Relations at Benaiah Capital. Chris possesses a wealth of experience in leadership, executive development, and project management. Previously, Chris served as the Director of Athletics at Southwest Minnesota State University for 16 years where he built and fostered a culture of hard work, success, and teamwork. Chris will oversee and maintain investor relations, provide executive leadership to Benaiah Capital, and supply operational support to the management of Benaiah Digital, LP and Benaiah Digital Fixed Income, LP.

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photo of scott pugh

Scott Pugh



Scott Pugh is Benaiah’s controller and brings 20 years of experience in the financial industry with major roles within the finance and operations departments of companies. Scott takes great pride in assessing and developing an understanding of the entire business. His focus drives efficiencies on the accounting and systems side of the business while working directly with the administrators of the fund. Scott earned his bachelor’s degree in Accounting and his Master’s in Business Administration from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota.

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photo of katie bobbin

Katie Bobbin

Director of Brand, Culture, & Communications


Katie Bobbin has a passion for people and a knack for fostering genuine relationships. As the Director of Brand, Culture, and Communications she ensures that Benaiah brings education and engagement to the ever-changing digital asset and blockchain technology industries. Katie comes to Benaiah with over ten years of experience in event planning, fund raising, relationship management, and delivering a first-class customer service experience in the public and private sectors. Her detail-oriented approach brings personalization and the pursuit of excellence to our clients, partners, and new employees during the onboarding process. Katie holds a bachelor’s degree from Southwest Minnesota State University in Marketing with a minor in Graphic Design.

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