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Benaiah Capital provides individual and institutional investors with a diverse offering of solutions and services that derive from the digital asset market. Our hedge funds were developed to provide accredited investors with exposure to a variety of investment strategies executed within the cryptocurrency market.


Our wealth management resources are designed and managed by a team of professionals with expertise in the digital asset and blockchain technology, legal, tax, audit, investment, and finance.


Our team is committed to educating and helping individual and institutional investors navigate blockchain technology and the opportunities within the world of digital assets. Benaiah Capital’s goal is to provide our investors with first-class wealth management solutions. 


Benaiah Capital manages two hedge funds for accredited investors looking to diversify their investment portfolio into the cryptocurrency market.

Benaiah Digital is a blend of five investment strategies; Bitcoin Long Hold & Rebalance, Ethereum Long Hold & Rebalance, Algorithmic Trading, High Conviction Digital Assets (Alt Coins), and Stablecoin and Liquid Yield Generation. This hedge fund provides investors with a wide-range of exposure to the cryptocurrency market with investment strategies that adjust with the trends in the market. Digital’s investment strategies seek risk adjusted returns above it benchmarks, including benchmarks in the traditional financial markets.

Benaiah Digital Fixed Income is a hedge fund designed to capitalize on the liquidity needs of the digital asset industry. The Fixed Income fund is for individuals and institutions that require greater access, stability, and security with their investment. This fund takes a more conservative approach utilizing collateralized lending and hedged staking strategies to produce greater returns than checking and saving accounts, money marketing account, or CDs.



Benaiah Capital offers accredited investors the service of custom managing their cryptocurrency investments. The custom management service is offered to accredited individual and institutional investors who have shown interest in investing in one or both of our hedge funds.


Benaiah Capital's team will take you through the process of setting up the necessary accounts. The team will also schedule a meeting to learn more about each investor's risk appetite, preferred investment strategy, and set expectations for communication, decision making, and reporting timelines.

Individuals and institutions interested in inquiring about these services should fill out the
Investor Inquiry form. In the “message” section, please let us know you are interested in learning more about our Digital Asset Custom Management service.

Custom Management

Part of Benaiah’s mission is to help individuals, businesses, and organizations better understand the cryptocurrency market and blockchain technology, as part of the buildout of Web3. Our educational sessions are designed to help our clients visualize and navigate the custody and investment opportunities in digital asset and blockchain technology industries. Benaiah’s team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the following areas:

  • History of Cryptocurrency

  • Bitcoin & Blockchain Technology

  • Ethereum & Applications 

  • Adoption of Technology/History of the Internet

  • Web3 Innovations

  • Digital Asset Investment Strategies

  • Custodial Solutions 

Individuals or institutions who would like to schedule or inquire about an in-person or virtual educational session, please fill out our contact form

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