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Benaiah Capital’s strategies stem from experience seeking out opportunities in the digital asset space and provide exposure to the cryptocurrency market like no other fund.

Bitcoin Long-term Hold and Rebalance  

Benaiah Digital will hold a percentage of Bitcoin and rebalance based on the management’s discretion. Bitcoin is a foundational asset for blockchain technology and the digital asset market and will be a cornerstone investment strategy for Benaiah Digital.

Ethereum Long-term Hold and Rebalance  

Benaiah Digital will hold a percentage of Ethereum. The fund will rebalance quarterly or based on management’s discretion. As the backbone for many tokens, decentralized applications and web 3.0, Ethereum is a must hold long-term.

High Conviction Digital Assets  

This fund will target an allocation percent in high conviction digital assets. This allocation is designed to be flexible across a wide range of digital assets. These assets are selected by management based on the internal due diligence with a variety of market caps. A portion of this allocation is focused on early-stage digital assets. Often these assets can be acquired before they begin trading on public markets. The primary reason for holding these digital assets is long-term growth potential or exit once targets are achieved.

Algorithmic Trading 

Benaiah Digital will utilize a variety of automatic trading strategies designed to capitalize on opportunity and volatility across digital asset markets. These strategies are designed to offer excess returns beyond holding Bitcoin and Ethereum long-term.

Liquid Yield Generation/Stablecoin Lending 

Benaiah Digital generates additional yield on its liquid allocation through stablecoin lending. The fund uses both centralized and decentralized lending strategies lending stablecoins through a collateralized system. These assets and strategies deliver desirable risk adjusted returns while providing liquidity to capitalize on down turns in the market.


Benaiah Digital Pie Chart


Benaiah Digital Fixed Income executes and manages centralized lending strategies that provide investors accessibility, security, and consistent yield generation.

Stablecoin Yield Generation  

Benaiah Digital Fixed Income provides liquidity to the digital asset market by lending stablecoins in a secure collateralized ecosystem. The fund uses this centralized lending strategy to generate higher risk adjusted returns than similar traditional financial products. The need for liquidity in the digital asset market creates a unique opportunity for Fixed Income to capitalize on supplying assets to digital banks, exchanges, and protocols and generate above average returns with minimal downside risk.

Benaiah Digital Fixed Income Pie Chart
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