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Crypto fever builds as family offices prep for bitcoin spring and ‘the halving’

Article Source: Crain Currency

Snow may be falling and temperatures dropping, but that hasn’t affected the mood in the crypto market. Rather than suffer another crypto winter, investors are anticipating the approach of a bitcoin spring and are excited about the market due to several major milestones this quarter, on top of last year’s gains.

Family offices, which withdrew their money from crypto hedge funds after the collapse of the crypto exchange FTX in late 2022, have been slow to return. Last year, the number of family offices surveyed by Goldman Sachs that expressed no interest in crypto jumped to 62% from 39%

But 2024 promises to be different, and family offices have already started buying up bitcoin and ethereum, said Enzo Villani, the founder and CEO of Alpha Sigma Capital, an investment fund focused on blockchain companies.

Image and article sourced from Crain Currency.


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