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Launch of Benaiah Digital Fixed Income, LP – Liquid Yield Generation Hedge Fund

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Benaiah Capital Chief Executive Officer, Ben Wiener, announced today the launch of Benaiah Digital Fixed Income, LP, a hedge fund that is designed to be a simple, secure, and accessible investment solution for individuals, institutional, and corporate investors. The Fixed Income fund takes advantage of the liquidity needs in the cryptocurrency market by executing liquid yield generation investment strategies. Benaiah Capital created this fund to help a wide range of investors that are looking to earn 6% - 12% returns while still having access to their capital.

In building the team, Portfolio Manager, Josh Dewitt will play a key role in the management of both Benaiah Capital hedge funds and brings an extensive background in the profession of wealth management and the digital asset market. Josh has lived in the financial and digital asset space both personally and professionally for over 12 years, and his experiences have helped to construct the investment strategies and philosophies for Benaiah Digital Fixed Income.

Benaiah Capital is excited about the short- and long-term yield opportunities of Benaiah Digital Fixed Income. The team will use its experience and knowledge of the digital asset market to provide our investors with an investment strategy that will out-perform yields an investor would expect from their saving account, money marketing account, securities, or bonds. Benaiah Digital Fixed Income is a secure and accessible fund model designed to have minimal risk and much greater returns than the traditional benchmarks.


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