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Virtual Event Recording with Ben Wiener

Article Source: God as CEO

Ben Wiener joined the God as CEO committee (Bruce Saugstad & Katie Bobbin) and shared how he views life as a spiritual battle that we all play a critical role in and how that role shapes every aspect of his life. Ben discussed how he built Christian values into his companies and how he tries to lead with those everyday as founder, chairman, and CEO of Benaiah Co. here in Sioux Falls.

Ben has an entrepreneurial skill set and a non-negotiable commitment to values that has enabled him to successfully lead multiple businesses. Benaiah is a family of service companies that operate in the digital asset space in wealth management, custody, technology and insurance. Ben moved to Sioux Falls in 2018 with his wife, Leah, who is an extraordinary force of love, grace, and strength — and their five young children ages 11 to 1.

If you feel your faith is a part of who you are but don’t feel sure how to integrate it into your business, listen to this inspiring story of Christ-centered leadership to discover how to make God the CEO of your business and life.

Image and article sourced from God as CEO.


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